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How to take Moringa

92Introduce Moringa to your diet

  • Start with two capsules per day for 5 days. Preferably take the capsules with breakfast and ALWAYS with food. Moringa powder is strong and will establish side effects if taken in too large doses.
  • Increase your intake from 2 to 5 capsules per day after 5 days which is plenty for a healthy person. This equals 2g of Moringa.
  • You will notice if the dosage is too high. Just take less or skip a day. After a couple of weeks you will know what dosage of Moringa to take. Moringa is not a quick fix. You need to take it regularly as part of your diet. Drink lots of water. Some people experience gas / winds due to too little water in the gut -Moringa decomposes very fast.
  • Moringa thickens the blood. This is of note to those that are on blood thinning medication: If you are on BLOOD-THINNING MEDICATION, consult your health care practitioner before taking Moringa. Pregnant women to consult your health car practitioner before taking Moringa.
  • Lactating Mothers: Moringa is an excellent multi-nutrient for lactating mothers and supports the production of breast milk after birth, while supporting mom to replenish her own nutrients.


  • Take Moringa on an empty stomach! Moringa makes a brilliant and natural laxative.
  • Cook Moringa powder.


  • Keep your capsules dry. Moringa ferments in no time at all.
  • Keep your capsules out of the sun.
  • Take Moringa regularly. Moringa is a food, not a medicine. It works best preventatively. Moringa Side Effects Moringa side effects are rare. Firstly – is a food, and it is potent. Give your body the time it needs to adapt and gain the benefits. You cannot rush your system, but you can make it very uncomfortable by bombarding it with something strong.

Nausea: If Moringa makes you nauseous you are taking too much... lower your intake and build up slower, or spread your intake over three meals. Three days will do it.

Laxative / Diarrhea / Runny Stomach Moringa is very potent. The average person can take 5 capsules on an empty stomach with water to use it as a fast acting and natural laxative. Remember people differ, so will the impact of how much you take. Many use Moringa with an increased water intake to keep them regular - this does not require taking it on an empty stomach. If you get a runny tummy from Moringa, just reduce your dosage, or take it when your stomach has food in it

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