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Why Moringa?


Why should I take Moringa Oleifera Capsules?

  • Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants.
  • The problem with nutrition is not the quantity of food, but the quality of food we eat, with people needing about 40 different nutrients to be healthy. Lack of quality foods is malnutrition. Moringa leaves has 90+ verifiable nutrients and not only contains all these elements, but also has significant portions of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, D and E, antioxidants, other minerals and fibre.
  • The proteins in Moringa leaves gives 18 of the 20 known amino acids, including all eight amino acids classified as essential. These ¬†essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and must come from a person's diet, usually from red meat or dairy products. These foods are not available in many parts of the world and are lacking in the diets of vegetarians, elderly people and children.
  • Vitamins and other nutrients are best absorbed and used by the body when they are derived from natural sources like Moringa leaves and are present in naturally occurring complex compounds.

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